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Serien & Einzelhefte von Northwest Press

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Charles “Zan” Christensen & Terry Blas

Mama Tits Saves the World
Heftformat, 24 Seiten, vollfarbig, 5,00 EUR

Can one Pacific Northwest drag queen prevail in the fight against hate? With your help… she can! Writer Charles “Zan” Christensen and artist Terry Blas—along with some guest artists—take Seattle’s most famous activist queen to a new level in the new comic book MAMA TITS SAVES THE WORLD!

Preview 1 / Preview 2 / Preview 3




Dylan Edwards

Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts
Heftformat, 48 Seiten, vollfarbig, 5.99 EUR

In this all-new tale, Todd joins Archer and his mother on a journey to England to help Archer’s grandmother move. Gran is adamant that her old house is haunted, Archer is adamant that it isn’t. Will Archer’s skepticism lead to his peril, or is Gran amusing herself with a huge wind-up?
Includes a selection of choice PiQue strips from the comic’s 14-year run!




Dash2 -463x700Dash-3-RGB-463x700Dash-4-RGB-463x700

Dave Ebersole & Delia Gable

Heftformat, je 24 Seiten, vollfarbig, je 3,99 EUR

#1 Los Angeles, 1940: Private investigator Dash Malone can’t shake the feeling his lover, Johnny, is hiding something. Strange deaths start occurring throughout the city while a mysterious woman named Zita Makara begs Dash to take her case. When a grisly murder connects all three, a terrifying mystery unfolds.

#2 After the shocking events of the last issue, Dash is now on the hunt for the mysterious Zita Makara. But will a violent interrogation by his former colleague turned rival, Detective Bruno Fernez, prevent him from stopping another murder?

#3 Zita Makara is out for blood and Dash is in her sights! Can he stop her before another life is lost? Is she really the monster she appears to be…or is someone else pulling the strings?

(neu) #4 In a dank Los Angles jail cell Zita Makara reaches back through the ages to give Dash the truth he’s been seeking. But will he be able to accept it before an ancient evil monster finds them? A major turning point in this thrilling series that you cannot miss!



Rick Worley

A Waste of Time 
Heftformat, je 36 Seiten , vollfarbig, je 4,99 EUR

#1 Rick the cartoonist rabbit is growing desperate for success, while his creations—including a coke-addicted teddy bear and a broken robot—have their own plans for his career. Things start to take a sinister turn, and Rick surprises even himself with the depths of pandering to which he’ll sink.

#2 Worried about Rick’s prospects for a successful art career, his creations decide he needs some inspiration. They set out to find his favorite artist, the reclusive Bill Watterson, whether Watterson wants to be found or not.

(neu) #3 Rickets the broken robot and Prester the born again teddy bear finally discover the whereabouts of the elusive Bill Watterson; he’s spent decades as the prisoner of a deranged Jim Davis, forced to draw Garfield comics! Can our heroes rescue Watterson from the clutches of this commercial enterprise, or have they arrived too late?



Leia Weathington

The Legend of Bold Riley
Heftformat, #1 - 24 Seiten / ab #2 je 36 Seiten, vollfarbig, #1 - 3,99 EUR / ab #2 je 4,99 EUR

#1 (mit Jonathon Dalton) Bold Riley - who has set out to find adventure in the lands beyond her home of Prakkalore - comes across a fragment of bone that shares a tale of lost love. Riley tries to reunite the lost spirit with its beloved, but soon discovers that all is not as it seemed…

#2 (mit Zack Giallongo) Bold Riley, still reeling from a tragic loss, continues southward with no real destination or purpose. On the desolate Broken Head Moors, she’s rescued from a terrible storm by an aged weaver whose fantastic tapestries may foretell the shape of what’s to come.

#3 (mit Joanna Estep) During a stormy night and under the influence of some surprisingly strong pipe weed, Bold Riley glimpses a shape of what’s to come. Now, somewhat less burdened by sorrow, she heads towards the Atratan Desert in search of the powerful city state of Kabumzala.


Rise 1-463x700RISE2 01-464x700

RISE: Comics Against Bullying
Heftformat, je 48 Seiten , vollfarbig, je 4,99 EUR

#1 We all have a place where we belong. Featuring all-new stories from Howard Chaykin (American Flagg), Marc Guggenheim (Arrow), Chris Roberson & Dennis Culver (Edison Rex), Adam P. Knave (Amelia Cole), Jed Dougherty (World’s Finest), and many more! Proceeds benefit organizations including GLAAD, Prism Comics, and Stand For The Silent.

#2 Stand up against bullying! Featuring all-new comics from Marc Andreyko (Batwoman), Sina Grace (Li’l Depressed Boy), Vasilis Pozios, Marguerite Sauvage (Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman), Kristopher White (Father Robot), and MANY more! Proceeds benefit organizations including GLAAD, Prism Comics, and Stand For The Silent.



Charles "Zan" Christensen & Mark Brill

The Mark of Aeacus
Heftformat, je 48 Seiten , vollfarbig, #1 8,99 EUR / #2 7,99 EUR, Altersnachweis erforderlich

#1 Jack, a shy, tortured young man, hooks up with a mysterious stranger at a bar and loses himself in an intense and exhilarating night with him in his hotel room, during which he sees visions of bloodshed and ancient gods. In the morning, he discovers he’s been branded with a mysterious tattoo—the one his mysterious stranger had—and is now imbued with dark and brutal powers. But will those powers be enough to save him from a vicious gang attack?

#2 Jack’s adventure as the Bearer of The Mark of Aeacus continues. A mysterious stranger appears at the foot of Jack’s bed, tells him the secrets of the mark of power that he bears, then tells him he must die. Can Jack’s mysterious new powers save him… or would we all be better off if they didn’t?