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Goal Publications

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neuHeirloomLucas D'Aquina
Heirloom of the Rusks
Kartoniert, 370 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 17,90 EUR

Meet Cinnabar Rusk, a robust—never call him fat—leporine bookworm of a well-known lineage. His soul is full of adventure beyond their quaint home in the Flower Valley, and his heart is full of love for Lyra Mársk. Life is simple, until an army of creatures defying even myth crack the Rim which surrounds their world and wages war, killing all in their path, leaving Cinnabar and his townsfolk to flee for their lives.
In the first book of this Redwall-esque tale, Cinnabar must pull together his smarts and unite his friends in order to save his home and those he loves. Will he be the hero he dreams to be, or will he be the fat nerd his kind sees him as?
This is no longer the stories of heroes past Cinnabar has read; this is for real, and war is the most unimaginable hell.



Jako Malan
Kartoniert, 210 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 14,90 EUR

Coverillustration von Tim Jardim

Against his better judgement and born of circumstances beyond his control, Professor van Elsburg is hired to lead a troupe of mercenaries deep into the unexplored wastelands that surround their world. Their objective: unravel the mystery surrounding an undocumented archaeological site, and to discover the fate of the last expedition that vanished whilst trying not to do the same.
"reWritten" is an existential horror story set in a gritty post-human world, littered with the rubble of a once-mighty civilization that fell suddenly, now inhabited entirely by anthropomorphic animals. It provides a glimpse into the origins of this crudely industrialized dystopian-utopia and the MammalAE that keep its engines oiled, its boilers fired, and its printing presses rolling.
In a world only superficially similar to our own, it asks questions that have no easy answers, and answers questions that may have been better left unasked.
Knowledge can free the mind, but it can also destroy the soul.



Fred Patten (Hg.)
Symbol of a Nation
Kartoniert, 242 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 17,50 EUR

Coverillustration von Jenn "Pac" Rodriguez

National animals, from fierce predators and raptors to peaceful herbivores and songbirds, mark great significance in the nations they represent, whether as an emblem of war and defense or a symbol of friendship and tourism.
But these mascots aren't restricted to just nations. Look at individual states and towns, political cartoons, and even cereal boxes. Animals have been long-since used as a representation of pride and respect all over the world, and the stories contained in Symbol of a Nation show that pride in full glory.
Whether it's the fennec of Algeria or the sable antelope of Zimbabwe, show your respect for the symbols of these nations.

Featuring the following stories:
“Didus ineptus Linnaeus” by Roz Gibson
“A Poor Uncle’s Apprentice” by BanWynn Oakshadow
“Remembering the Forgotten” by H. J. Pang
“The Moon Like an Unhatched Egg” by Mary E. Lowd
“Crossroads the Namib” by Jako Malan
“Sdani White Wings” by Jennifer Sowle
“The Scent of Lantana” by Frances Pauli
“Huitaca” by Televassi
“To the Kingdom They Come” by H. J. Pang
“Bread and Butter” by Allison Thai
“The Lion of the Low Countries” by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden



Sean Gerace aka AnthroAquatic (Hg.)
A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature
Kartoniert, 158 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 9,90 EUR

Coverillustration von Aisha Robinson

The print version of A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature contains all three issues of Goal Publications' webzine of the same name, featuring short stories of a wide variety of genres, reviews of some well-known and unknown furry stories, and more.

Catching the Thief (Story by Amy Fontaine)
Abandoned Places (Review by MisakiWolf)
Huntress by Renee Carter Hall (Review by Donald Jacob Vitvlugt)
Sheets and Covers (Story by Ocean Tigrox)
Tales from the Guild: Music to your Ears (Review by Stefano "Mando" Zocchi)
Losing my Religion by Kyell Gold (Review by Kris Carver)
Rhinoirceros (Story by Daniel Lowd)
The Dog Who Spoke With Gods by Diane Jessup (Review by Fred Patten)
If All Your Friends by T.C. Powell
Sheeperfly´s Lullaby by Mary E. Lowd
Raven´s End: A Tale from the Canadian Rockies by Ben Gadd (Review by Fred Patten)
In a Dog´s World by Mary E. Lowd (Review by Huskyteer)
The Charitable Pact of a Soft-hearted Foll (Story by Slip Wolf)
Inhuman Acts (Review by Corgi W.)
The Sytem (Story by Simmer the Lizard)
Thousend Leaves by Kevin Frane (Review by MisakiWolf)
Beast (Story by Frances Pauli)
Re-Reading a Classic: Bambi from the Furry Writer (Essay by Donald Jacob Vitvlugt)
Promises to Keep (Story by Renee Carter Hall)
Carnivore Studies 101 (Story by Inkblitz)
Interview with S. Andrew Swann by Donald Jacob Vitvlugt
His Dog by Frances Pauli
The Mouse Who Was Born a Bear by Mary E. Lowd
Coyote´s in the House by Elmore Leonard (Review by Fred Patten)
Mr. Larouz by Coinsettia
The Seventh Chakra by Kevin Frane (Review by MisakiWolf)
Power by Arian Mabe