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Astray #01
Magazinformat, 24 Seiten, vollfarbig, in englischer Sprache, 10,00 EUR, Altersnachweis erforderlich
Magazine, 24 pages, full color, 10,00 EUR

The world has changed, humans mysteriousky disappeared in an instant what animals refer to as `The Awakening´. They find themselves evolving and changing in many ways to survive in their new world.
Lilac is such an `awakend´ house cat and she travels the new world with her companion Streuner. He is a dog. But a good fighter and guardian. As Lilac comes into heat she steals away every night to search for a mate cause this is the only thing Streuner can´t help her with. Or can he?
Frolic feral XXX action ahead! ;-)