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Hot Cider Press / Club Stripes

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neuValet and the VixenThe Valet and the Vixen
and other Stories
by Meesh

Kartoniert, 68 Seiten, vollfarbig, 30,00 EUR, Altersnachweis erforderlich

As a valet, Tommy is used to escorting expensive cars to and fro. Trying to handle two gorgeous girls at the same time? Not so much.
This is the story of one passionate night that ignited a rivalry between Chelsea and Lacey - two beautiful woman trying to conquer the same man. Is Tommy up to the challenge?

Also includes two extra comics, EYE CANDY and HER MAJESTY´S MESSENGER SERVICE.



little-buddy-63049Little Buddy
by Chestnuts and Meesh

Kartoniert, 72 Seiten, vollfarbig, 30,00 EUR, Zur Zeit nicht lieferbar! / Currently out of stock!

Chris and John enjoyed a simple friendship as classmates, until an offhanded comment forces Chris to admit to John that he is gay.
As they explore this avenue together, Chris leans more about his own needs and wants, but John's motivation remains a mystery...
This is an adult comic containing gay themes and graphic depictions of gay sex.




Peaches-and-Cream-Super-DeliciousPeaches and Cream Super Delicious
A Decade Of Heart Butts
by Miu (Michael Vega)

Kartoniert, 92 Seiten, vollfarbig, 30,00 EUR, Zur Zeit nicht lieferbar! / Currently out of stock!

    Peaches and Cream Unlimited
    Peaches and Cream Classic
        Midnight Milkshake
        Bathtime Buddy
        Jam and the Adventurs of the Left Bunny and Right Bunny Parts 1 and 2
    Peaches and Cream Overseas
    Pillow Talk
    i < 3 U 2
    Friends of Peaches and Cream
    Rarities and more...


neuNight Realms DoruNight Realms Doru

Kartoniert, 72 Seiten, vollfarbig, 30,00 EUR, Altersnachweis erforderlich

While Mora attends to her own affairs, four male Doru descide to pass the time with a little game ... headless to the dark forces that plot against them in their absence.

This Book 2 of the NIGHT REALMS saga, continuing the erotic adventures of the Dorukolorukalai!





the-kami-sutra-63051The Kami Sutra
Kartoniert, 96 Seiten, vollfarbig, 30,00 EUR, Altersnachweis erforderlich

From the legend of a golden martial aid, to lands made of candy, thisbook is a full-color anthology of colorful characters doing what they do best: each other! Featuring extra artwork and notes about the comics and characters.









cocktails-hard-and-strong-59880Cocktails: Hard and Strong

Kartoniert, 64 Seiten, s/w, 25,00 EUR, Altersnachweis erforderlich

Cocktails brings you male on male furry comics with a whole new flavor—this time highlighting the big and buff side of the male spectrum! With returning artists as well as a few US print debuts (Kitora's comic is printed in English, presented in its original Japanese format at the reverse side of the book), Cocktails welcomes you to try some “stronger” male comics on for size.
Featured artist lineup: Gideon, Finley, gNAW, Meesh, BNG, Kitora




cocktails-summer-2008-43715cocktails-winter-2008-44143Cocktails: Summer 2008
Kartoniert, 72 Seiten, s/w, 25,00 EUR, Zur Zeit nicht lieferbar! / Currently out of stock!

This party is boys only! That’s the rule! Club Stripes is proud to present the first in a very special comic series, featuring lots from fan-favorite artists as well as showcasing the comic debut of brand-new talent. Did we mention it’s all-male?

Cocktails: Winter 2008
Kartoniert, 80 Seiten, s/w, 25,00 EUR, Zur Zeit nicht lieferbar! / Currently out of stock!

The second volume of Hot Cider Press's boys-only comic special, Cocktails continues to bring you fun all-male stories and art from a great variety of talented artists.
Featured artist lineup:
Bonk, gNAW, Blueblur8lover, Daria McGrain, Onta, Kamicheetah, Gunmouth, Gideon, and Miu.

Best of Club Stripes

best-of-club-stripes-volume-1-28082best-of-club-stripes-volume-2-strange-bedfellows-43885Best of Club Stripes
Volume 1 - Private Exhibition
Kartoniert, 96 Seiten, vollfarbig, 30,00 EUR, Zur Zeit nicht lieferbar! / Currently out of stock!

That's right, "The Best of Club Stripes: Private Exhibition" is a 96-page perfect-bound book, collecting some favorite selections from the first year. That's Miu, Daria McGrain, Gideon, Drybone, Midori and assorted guests, now with commentary on their work. The book contains approximately 150 images and thirty comic pages, plus a bonus 15 images that are exclusive to this book only, and some previews of upcoming projects as well.

Best of Club Stripes
Volume 2 - Strange Bedfellows
Kartoniert, 120 Seiten, vollfarbig, 30,00 EUR, Altersnachweis erforderlich

The sequel to The Best of Club Stripes: Private Exhibition, the second book in the series grows to a whopping 120 pages packed cover to cover with great adult furry artwork and comics! Males, females, herms, and more are all featured within; something for everyone! Fans of the first book will find familiar faces: Miu, Daria McGrain, Gideon, and gNAW. In addition, new regular artists and guests join the Club Stripes lineup. Included in this volume is the exclusive comic by Kamicheetah, titled “Legend of the Golden Phallus: On Exhibit.” It’s so exclusive, it’s not yet available on the Club Stripes site!