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Robert Repino
Klappenbroschur, 360 Seiten, 12,99 EUR

Der »Krieg ohne Namen« hat begonnen, und sein Ziel besteht darin, die Menschheit auszurotten. Eingefädelt wurde er von der Kolonie, einer Rasse intelligenter Ameisen, die über Jahrtausende hinweg heimlich eine Armee aufgebaut haben, um die menschlichen Zerstörer und Unterdrücker für immer von der Erde zu tilgen.
Unter den wachsamen Augen der Kolonie soll eine Utopie frei vom Hang der Menschen zu Gewalt, Ausbeutung und religiösem Aberglauben entstehen. In einem letzten Schritt ihrer Kriegshandlungen verwandelt die Kolonie die Tierwelt auf der Erde in zu Höchstleistungen fähige Zweibeiner, die sich erheben und ihre Herren vernichten sollen.

Mort(e), ein ehemaliger Hauskater, der zum Kriegshelden avancierte, ist berüchtigt dafür, die gefährlichsten Aufträge anzunehmen und gegen die gefürchtete menschliche Biowaffe EMSAH anzukämpfen. Was ihn jedoch tatsächlich zu derartigem Draufgängertum treibt, ist seine andauernde Suche nach jemandem, mit dem er vor der Verwandlung befreundet gewesen war: der Hündin Sheba.
Als er die Nachricht erhält, dass Sheba noch am Leben sein soll, tritt er eine Reise an, die ihn von den verbliebenen menschlichen Festungen ins Herz der Kolonie führt, wo er von den Ursprüngen von EMSAH und dem endgültigen Los aller Lebewesen der Erde erfahren wird.



Jaffa Books

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AnthroAquatic (Ed.)
Claw the Way to Victory
Kartoniert, 288 Seiten, 17,50 EUR

Coverillustration von Jenn "Pac" Rodriguez

We’ve all watched sports played by humans, or have participated in sports with our human limbs and senses. What would happen if the sporting events we loved were played by animal people?
"Claw the Way to Victory" looks to answer that question with a variety of stories, each showcasing a different sport and just how the instincts of an animal matched with the intelligence of a human can help or hurt a player.

Scratching? Biting? Against the rules? Not this time.

With stories by TrianglePascal, P.J. Wolf, Eric Lane, Alice "Huskyteer" Dryden, MikasiWolf, Dwale, Mary E. Lowd, James Steele and Patrick Rochefort


 LearningFriday Donnelly
Learning to Go
Kartoniert, 192 Seiten, 15,00 EUR

Coverillustration von Peta Fenton

Rufus loves his boyfriend, Victor, who is in chronic pain from an old injury. Because of the agony, Victor is unhappy most of the time, but Rufus loves cheering people up.
However, after one heated fight it all becomes too much even for Rufus, and he needs to find a way to cool down. A spur of the moment decision leads him to hiring a dom, Bennett Augustine.

Rufus and Victor have an open relationship, so surely nothing bad can come from this?




Weasel Press

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Jazz at the End of the Night (Will be available in time for Eurofurence in August!)
Kartoniert, 188 Seiten, 12,95 EUR

Cover von Tabsely

Jazz at the End of the Night is a collection of short stories crawling from the caverns of hopelessness. The characters share in their hard times cursing the universe and losing everything that mattered to them. Each story throws the reader into a harsh reality of life changes, betrayal, and sometimes madness. Follow Derrick, returning from We Live for Half-Moons, still trying to find order in love yet only finding a crater of suffering as he explores life with a hot young thing he picked up at a gas station. Rick worked hard to keep him and his partner afloat. When he loses his job, he loses his whole life in an instant. Forced to sleep on the streets after his partner disappeared, he dreams of finding his love, hopefully alive. Izzy falls into a crippling depression as the bills pile and the collectors spam his phone. When his husband leaves him after frustration, the weasel lets go of everything in his life and takes off on the road, searching for happiness. Jazz at the End of the Night is a collection of hollow bridges, and it's not easy to find the pieces to fix them.

"Weasel’s "Jazz at the End of the Night" is a fine collection of dark, erotic anthropological stories unearthing the inner core of human sexuality, desires and fears." - David E. Cowen.


Bill Kieffer
The Goat: Building the Perfect Victim
Kartoniert, 162 Seiten, 13,95 EUR

Cover von Viergacht

Built on a crumpling infrastructure of technology and magic, society makes a blessing of the many cursed with species dysphoria... animal souls trapped with human shells. They mold them into mages rather than monsters. Glenn is certain there's a goat inside of him but the Elder Council doesn't agree.
In a shitty marriage that plays like a broken record of abandonment and reconciliation, Frank lives in broken world. He gets by, ignoring the darkness and denying his deepest fantasies. The violence isn't as buried as he thinks it is.
And when he sees a pack of werewolves threatening a nerdy, defenseless man outside of a doughnut shop, Frank casts a few wards and rolls up his sleeve to wade into the fray.
When Glenn is rescued by his former high school bully from the ani-mages that had turned on him, he had no idea what exactly lied in store for him with Frank. But he knew one thing, if Frank couldn't beat away his humanity, no one could.

"Shock. From beginning to end. If you ever want a book to slap you in the face as hard as possible, this... this is for you." Thurston Howl, editor-in-chief of Thurston Howl Publication



Weasel (Hr.)
Passing Through
Tails from the Road
Kartoniert, 138 Seiten, 9,95 EUR

Cover von Tabsely

"Passing Through" is a collection of stories from hitchhikers and travelers alike. Cash, Grass, or Ass, open up and hitch a ride!

With stories by BanWynn Oakshadow, Frances Pauli, Tyson West, Billy Leigh, Jako Malan and Thurston Howl.




Mando and Munchkin (Hr.)
Fragments of Life's Heart
Kartoniert, 402 Seiten, 19,95 EUR

Cover von Darkomi

They say Love is the oldest story on Earth, but we don’t have to tell it the same way every time. How many ways are there to explore our feelings that we may have never even considered? Countless fragments of different worlds, all held together by the greatest force of all.
Join us as we explore the many different forms of love—family love, forbidden love, love that embraces what society always taught was wrong. Seasoned veterans and brand new talents bring you seventeen anthropomorphic stories with all different forms of sexuality and relationships, in a journey across genres, worlds, and time.
Love can bloom, thrive, and end. Love can heal, mesh, and blend. We’re all Fragments trying to stick together.

Tending the Fires - Jess E Owen
Transitions - Mog Moogle
The Mistress of Tidwell Manor - Renee Carter Hall
Yet Time and Distance - Kris Carver
Polynomials - Fever Low
Raise Your Voice - Stefano "Mando" Zocchi
Going Out - T C Powell
Harvest Home - Altivo Overo
The Foreigner - Dwale
Trade All the Stars - Watts Martin
Draw to the Heart - Ocean Tigrox
Paint the Square-Cut Sky - Slip-Wolf
Hearth Soup - Laura "Munchkin" Lewis
Brass Candy Girl - M C A Hogarth
Footsteps - Televassi
Rain Check - Field T Mouse
The Soul of Wit - Daniel Lowd



Weasel (Hr.)
A BDSM Anthology
Kartoniert, 224 Seiten, 15,95 EUR

Cover von Warm Bodies

Get entangled with darker worlds. Some of our desires are unconventional, maybe even taboo. A lot of folks out there just want a simple fuck, but others may want to indulge in something wilder. Knotted is a collection of eight anthropomorphic tales that explore this savage side. There are no baby steps here, readers are shoved into various worlds where the characters run off with what they want most. From losing control to getting restless in your search, some appetites are too addicting to let go.

Okami to Shika by Corgi.W
Pony She Wrote by Franklin Leo
A Moment of Darkness by NightEyes DaySpring
Due by Slip-Wolf
Family Ties by Hooves
Submit by Arian Mabe
Resolutions by Khaz
The Meat Market by Kits Koriohn



Weasel (Hr.)
Typewriter Emergencies
2015 Edition
Kartoniert, 180 Seiten, 15,95 EUR

Cover von Kala "Miryhis" Quinn

Welcome to the first release of Typewriter Emergencies, a collection of psychologically damaging and hard hitting furry literature. It's a mad world we live in, a world where we are still uncovering some of the darkest of our secrets. We were asking a lot when we started our submission call. We were asking our authors to really dig the knife into their story; to give us the real maddening details, the secrets, the loss of control. And they did just that. This anthology has a total of thirteen gut-wrenching stories from several talented individuals. It's a collection that drops the reader into thirteen rough worlds without anything to protect themselves, only the leadership of the characters they're following. Each author handles a different aspect of the universe, touring the reader through some rather diverse struggles. Typewriter Emergencies is a journey not lightly made, and one that will definitely leave a deep impression on our readers. Weasel Press is proud to have our first furry collection on the books and we hope you will enjoy every moment this intense anthology has to offer.


Goal Publications

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neuHeirloomLucas D'Aquina
Heirloom of the Rusks (Will be available in time for Eurofurence in August!)
Kartoniert, 370 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 19,50 EUR

Meet Cinnabar Rusk, a robust—never call him fat—leporine bookworm of a well-known lineage. His soul is full of adventure beyond their quaint home in the Flower Valley, and his heart is full of love for Lyra Mársk. Life is simple, until an army of creatures defying even myth crack the Rim which surrounds their world and wages war, killing all in their path, leaving Cinnabar and his townsfolk to flee for their lives.
In the first book of this Redwall-esque tale, Cinnabar must pull together his smarts and unite his friends in order to save his home and those he loves. Will he be the hero he dreams to be, or will he be the fat nerd his kind sees him as?
This is no longer the stories of heroes past Cinnabar has read; this is for real, and war is the most unimaginable hell.

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Jako Malan
Kartoniert, 210 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 14,90 EUR

Coverillustration von Tim Jardim

Against his better judgement and born of circumstances beyond his control, Professor van Elsburg is hired to lead a troupe of mercenaries deep into the unexplored wastelands that surround their world. Their objective: unravel the mystery surrounding an undocumented archaeological site, and to discover the fate of the last expedition that vanished whilst trying not to do the same.
"reWritten" is an existential horror story set in a gritty post-human world, littered with the rubble of a once-mighty civilization that fell suddenly, now inhabited entirely by anthropomorphic animals. It provides a glimpse into the origins of this crudely industrialized dystopian-utopia and the MammalAE that keep its engines oiled, its boilers fired, and its printing presses rolling.
In a world only superficially similar to our own, it asks questions that have no easy answers, and answers questions that may have been better left unasked.
Knowledge can free the mind, but it can also destroy the soul.



Fred Patten (Hg.)
Symbol of a Nation
Kartoniert, 242 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 17,50 EUR

Coverillustration von Jenn "Pac" Rodriguez

National animals, from fierce predators and raptors to peaceful herbivores and songbirds, mark great significance in the nations they represent, whether as an emblem of war and defense or a symbol of friendship and tourism.
But these mascots aren't restricted to just nations. Look at individual states and towns, political cartoons, and even cereal boxes. Animals have been long-since used as a representation of pride and respect all over the world, and the stories contained in Symbol of a Nation show that pride in full glory.
Whether it's the fennec of Algeria or the sable antelope of Zimbabwe, show your respect for the symbols of these nations.

Featuring the following stories:
“Didus ineptus Linnaeus” by Roz Gibson
“A Poor Uncle’s Apprentice” by BanWynn Oakshadow
“Remembering the Forgotten” by H. J. Pang
“The Moon Like an Unhatched Egg” by Mary E. Lowd
“Crossroads the Namib” by Jako Malan
“Sdani White Wings” by Jennifer Sowle
“The Scent of Lantana” by Frances Pauli
“Huitaca” by Televassi
“To the Kingdom They Come” by H. J. Pang
“Bread and Butter” by Allison Thai
“The Lion of the Low Countries” by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden



Sean Gerace aka AnthroAquatic (Hg.)
A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature
Kartoniert, 158 Seiten, in englischer Sprache, 9,90 EUR

Coverillustration von Aisha Robinson

The print version of A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature contains all three issues of Goal Publications' webzine of the same name, featuring short stories of a wide variety of genres, reviews of some well-known and unknown furry stories, and more.

Catching the Thief (Story by Amy Fontaine)
Abandoned Places (Review by MisakiWolf)
Huntress by Renee Carter Hall (Review by Donald Jacob Vitvlugt)
Sheets and Covers (Story by Ocean Tigrox)
Tales from the Guild: Music to your Ears (Review by Stefano "Mando" Zocchi)
Losing my Religion by Kyell Gold (Review by Kris Carver)
Rhinoirceros (Story by Daniel Lowd)
The Dog Who Spoke With Gods by Diane Jessup (Review by Fred Patten)
If All Your Friends by T.C. Powell
Sheeperfly´s Lullaby by Mary E. Lowd
Raven´s End: A Tale from the Canadian Rockies by Ben Gadd (Review by Fred Patten)
In a Dog´s World by Mary E. Lowd (Review by Huskyteer)
The Charitable Pact of a Soft-hearted Foll (Story by Slip Wolf)
Inhuman Acts (Review by Corgi W.)
The Sytem (Story by Simmer the Lizard)
Thousend Leaves by Kevin Frane (Review by MisakiWolf)
Beast (Story by Frances Pauli)
Re-Reading a Classic: Bambi from the Furry Writer (Essay by Donald Jacob Vitvlugt)
Promises to Keep (Story by Renee Carter Hall)
Carnivore Studies 101 (Story by Inkblitz)
Interview with S. Andrew Swann by Donald Jacob Vitvlugt
His Dog by Frances Pauli
The Mouse Who Was Born a Bear by Mary E. Lowd
Coyote´s in the House by Elmore Leonard (Review by Fred Patten)
Mr. Larouz by Coinsettia
The Seventh Chakra by Kevin Frane (Review by MisakiWolf)
Power by Arian Mabe


Furry Fandom Conventions

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Fred Patten
Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989–2015
Kartoniert, 260 Seiten, mit 68 Illustrationen (23 in Farbe), 49,95 EUR
Paperback, 260 pages, 68 illustrations (23 in color), 49,95 EUR

Foreword by Kathleen C. Gerbasi

Furry fandom — an adult social group interested in anthropomorphic animals in art, literature and culture — has grown since the 1980s to include an estimated 50,000 “furries.” Their largest annual convention drew more than 6,000 attendees in 2015, including 1,000 dressed in “fursuits” or mascot-type animal costumes. Conventions typically include awards, organizations, art, literature and movies, encompassing a wide range of creative pursuits beyond animal costuming.

This study of the furry subculture presents a history of the often misunderstood group and lists all conventions around the world from 1989 through 2015, including organizers, guests of honor and donations to charity.


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