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Zack, Boys of the Fast Lane

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Zack, Boys of the Fast LaneZack

Boys of the Fast Lane

ePub-Format (Soft DRM, im Druck 224 Seiten), 9,99 EUR


Reunited with Mike Smith in London, young American Gil Graham attempts to pursue his career in movies through script writing, while Mike's younger brother Will pursues Gil with all the guile and determination he possesses in abundance. Against the frantic backdrop of London's gay scene, Gil and Mike must confront the strains that ambition, work, and outright jealousy place on their hard-won love. Will they be up to the challenge or will the frenzy of temptation thrown in their winding path tear them apart forever?

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Gieseke (Hg.), Daddy Knows Best

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Daddy Knows BestWinston Gieseke (Hg.)

Daddy Knows Best
Gay Erotic Stories

ePub-Format (Soft DRM, im Druck 208 Seiten), 8,99 EUR


Boys and the Men That Turn Them On What is it about older men that gay boys find so irresistible? Some say young men in search of a "daddy" to partner up with—sometimes for life, sometimes just for the night—are looking for someone to mentor them. Take care of them. But there are plenty of young studs with dirty minds who simply find that men get better with age. Older men are hotter. More confident. More experienced. For some, it's all about dominance and submission. For others, it's about getting off with a guy who turns you on. These are the couplings explored in Daddy Knows Best, a sizzling collection of erotic stories—some romantic, some raunchy—that probe the younger man-older man dynamic in sensual, graphic detail.

Featuring stories by well-known writers such as Rob Rosen, Landon Dixon, and Gregory L. Norris - Includes new work by emerging voices

About the Editor: Beginning his career as a television writer, Winston Gieseke penned episodes for shows like Wildfire and Hollywood Off-Ramp. He has composed tantalizing copy for various adult entertainment companies and served as editor in chief of both Men and Freshmen magazines before honing his journalistic skills as managing editor of The Advocate.

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Gieseke (Hg.), Indecent Exposures

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Indecent ExposuresWinston Gieseke (Hg.)

Indecent Exposures
Gay Erotic Stories

ePub-Format (Soft DRM, im Druck 202 Seiten), 9,99 EUR

Sex im Bett ist nett, aber aufregender ist's vielleicht im Park, im Taxi oder mit dem Tankwart in einer nur schwach beleuchteten Gasse. Der ehemalige Chefredakteur des Men Magazine, Winston Giesicke, hat für diesen Band vierzehn abenteuerliche Sexgeschichten zusammengestellt. Prickelnde Stories von Männern auf ihrem "walk on the wild side".


The thrill of getting caught is a major turn-on. Which is why getting frisky in a forbidden place - outside of one's comfort zone and away from the comforter - can be some of the hottest sex of all. Compiled by former Men magazine editor Winston Gieseke, Indecent Exposures is a tantalizing anthology of erotic tales in which sexually charged couples, casual hookups, and nameless strangers get their rocks off by taking a walk on the wild side.

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Niederwieser, On a Wednesday in September

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Niederwieser, On a WednesdayStephan Niederwieser

On a Wednesday in September

ePub-Format (Soft DRM, im Druck 316 Seiten), 9,99 EUR

Niederwiesers lang vergriffenes Bravourstück "An einem Mittwoch im September" ist jetzt in englischer Übersetzung zu haben: ein großartig konstruierter Roman, dessen Handlung Niederwieser vielschichtig über den Weg eines goldenen Rings verwebt. Auf der Suche nach dem Ring gerät der Protagonist immer stärker in den Sog der Vergangenheit - u.a. in eine Liebesgeschichte zweier Soldaten im Dritten Reich, die ein grausames Ende nimmt; oder die des bisexuellen Strichers, der seine Freier ins Unglück stürzt; oder die des weltgewandten Herrn, der seinen Liebhabern zum Abschied stets einen Guglhupf bäckt...


When Edvard hands his lover a ring to seal their friendship, he triggers an emotional avalanche: Bernhard is overwhelmed with images from the past: Nazi Germany, a blond soldier, and trails of blood in the snow. While seeking answers to these haunting images Bernhard crosses paths with many strangers: his close-lipped father, stewardess Kim, grand seignior Raimondo, gigolo Fred, and his own strong-willed mother Lydia. The ring connects the lives of these strangers, and what seems contradictory finally comes together. On a Wednesday in September, one of Germany's best-selling gay novels, is finally available in English.

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* Sickels, The Evening Hour

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Sickels, Evening HourCarter Sickels

The Evening Hour

ePub-Format (Adobe DRM, im Druck 328 Seiten), 10,23 EUR


Nicht alle Schwulen wollen in Städten leben. Viele bleiben aus unterschiedlichen Gründen in der Provinz, oft, weil sie ein Heimatgefühl mit ihrer Stadt oder ihrem Dorf verbindet. Der schwule Transmann Carter Sickels beschreibt in seinem Romandebüt eine solche durchaus konservative Kleinstadt in den Bergen West Virginias. Sein Held ist ein junger Mann, der in einem Pflegeheim arbeitet, der in einer Welt am Rande des Wandels lebt, bevölkert mit ungewöhnlichen, komplexen Charakteren, die alles zu verlieren haben.


Most of the wealth in Dove Creek, West Virginia, is in the earth-in the coal seams that have provided generations with a way of life. Born and raised here, twenty-seven-year-old Cole Freeman has sidestepped work as a miner to become an aide in a nursing home. He's got a shock of bleached blond hair and a gentle touch well suited to the job. He's also a drug dealer, reselling the prescription drugs his older patients give him to a younger crowd looking for different kinds of escape. In this economically depressed, shifting landscape, Cole is floundering. The mining corporation is angling to buy the Freeman family's property, and Cole's protests only feel like stalling. Although he has often dreamed of leaving, he has a sense of duty to this land, especially after the death of his grandfather. His grandfather is not the only loss: Cole's one close friend, Terry Rose, has also slipped away from him, first to marriage, then to drugs. While Cole alternately attempts romance with two troubled women, he spends most of his time with the elderly patients at the home, desperately trying to ignore the decay of everything and everyone around him. Only when a disaster befalls these mountains is Cole forced to confront his fears and, finally, take decisive action-if not to save his world, to at least save himself. The Evening Hour marks the powerful debut of a writer who brings originality, nuance, and an incredible talent for character to an iconic American landscape in the throes of change.

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