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AnthroAquatic (Ed.)
Claw the Way to Victory
Kartoniert, 288 Seiten, 17,50 EUR

Coverillustration von Jenn "Pac" Rodriguez

We’ve all watched sports played by humans, or have participated in sports with our human limbs and senses. What would happen if the sporting events we loved were played by animal people?
"Claw the Way to Victory" looks to answer that question with a variety of stories, each showcasing a different sport and just how the instincts of an animal matched with the intelligence of a human can help or hurt a player.

Scratching? Biting? Against the rules? Not this time.

With stories by TrianglePascal, P.J. Wolf, Eric Lane, Alice "Huskyteer" Dryden, MikasiWolf, Dwale, Mary E. Lowd, James Steele and Patrick Rochefort


 LearningFriday Donnelly
Learning to Go
Kartoniert, 192 Seiten, 15,00 EUR

Coverillustration von Peta Fenton

Rufus loves his boyfriend, Victor, who is in chronic pain from an old injury. Because of the agony, Victor is unhappy most of the time, but Rufus loves cheering people up.
However, after one heated fight it all becomes too much even for Rufus, and he needs to find a way to cool down. A spur of the moment decision leads him to hiring a dom, Bennett Augustine.

Rufus and Victor have an open relationship, so surely nothing bad can come from this?